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Hello Anonymous Internet World!

I consider myself to be your typical overworked graduate student in the sense that I am anything but typical. I spend far too much time procrastinating (and obsessing) over the pretty boys in my ships. I'm extremely sarcastic and make fun of everyone and everything...including myself. I adore the use of ellipses and thus they appear frequently throughout my rants. Speaking of which, I seem to often rant and rave against things that are completely illogical bordering on ridiculous to the mundane issues of my life. I have no plans for my future, which is more frightening than I like to admit, so I've safely compartmentalized such thoughts into my "ignorance box." It's getting a bit packed however. Like I said, I'm a fangirl at heart, so every now and then a story may materialize out of me, but unfortunately the muse has been silenced for quite a while.

I have no friending policy, so please feel free to add me and leave a comment if you wish. I adore meeting/talking/friending people out here in this great wide yonder.