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Pimping a community :)

all righty. school has started up again unfortunately. this year is promising to be insane already. but it's not time to vent now, lol. no, no, instead i am pimping out a community i am a new mod for :D anyone who sees this, check out this lj community and think of joining...it was tons of fun last year and promises to be even better this time around :)

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i can't believe tomorrow's august. i'm so not ready for the summer to be over. usually, i at least feel ready to go back and jump into things again, but not this time. eh...i can't believe only one more year...it's too frightening. and ignorance will not make it stop. that's kinda depressing, haha. going to the shore on wed. for like 2 weeks and probably no internet access---now that is depressing. big sigh. i hope to work on some writing, but i no one procrastinates/is lazy like me. eh. perhaps a little n/g lovin will cheer me up...lol...let's hope so. so without further ado, my newest oneshot "Only One" inspired by the ever-amazing Yellowcard.

i love you godgaleshot...ty for the wonderful help as always

i've never done a song fic...so here's hopin all the quirky internet things took.

also, here's the link that i've posted with this fic that contains the song. not many people look here, if any (haha), but i really like it when the song is played with the fic. that's the way i thought it up, thats the way i wrote it and that's the way i edited it. hell, if it wasn't for csi on tv right now, it be on. ok, maybe not...but still

Yellowcard’s Only One

every woman needs a greg...i'm still looking for mineCollapse )


weirdness is a new state of being

oy...so it seems i'm suffering from writer's block. maybe not exactly a block so much as laziness. i feel like i have a cool idea for a story, but alas, i just can't get it out. procrastination's an artform which i've gotten down pat. i do have 2 little one-shots though. one waiting for a betaing and the other i need to go through. eh...i wanted to be a bit more productive this summer. eh...

latest wicked ridiculous work update: today was a retreat for the 6 ladies in the office...so they leave at about lunch time to go to this restaurant and to do whatever type activities they do at a retreat (hell, at mine, we had to blindfold someone else and lead them around using only our voice/directions...dude, it was weird)...anyway, they leave and i'm alone and that makes me happy; however, it seems they neglected to tell me that they wouldn't be returning. whatevs...people are weird.

i'm supposed to go to new york on monday...don't ask me what we're going to do b/c there's absolutely no plan involved. other than the 5:19 am train to take...that's righ 5:19 am...i swear, i didn't even know such a time existed...i doubt i'll survive such a thing.

but yay for big brother 7: all stars. go kay-sar. well, except for his absurd nominations...but i understand my boy. he didn't need the target after being so aggressive last year. let the other s6ers do the dirty work this time. i'm still a fan, kaysar...still a fan. the evil dr. will seriously needs to be introduced to the sun. granted, my irish heritage shows through masterfully in my creamy white tone, but he looks like casper came back from the dead.....again. bad evil dr will, bad.

breathing's overrated

so yesterday in the mail i get this envelope from some senator. i sooo did not recognize the name. alas, i open it up expecting it to simply be a 'vote for me i'm so special' type thing, but tis not. first the guy congratulates me for my dean's list (and it mentioned my school...this is fishy to me) and then it offers me an internship with his office. an internship! i don't know what to think of this. i mean, is it real? is it bullshit? i read the information and it sounds sorta like the grunt work, but still. of course my mom chimed in with her ever enthusiastic and inspirational talks. ugh. i don't know what to think though. it also says it's for those interested in like public office, which i'm so not, but would it look good when applying to grad school? i'm not sure. i'd have to probably like drop a class or something to take the extra credits or just overload and be miserable all semester. but i wonder how he got my name? he obviously had my school and my dean's list thing, but that could've been published in the paper or something, i'm not sure. also, a few weeks back when my dad got a promotion, it was in the paper as well and this same senator dude sent him a congrats letter. i don't know what to think. tomorrow i'm hopefully gonna track someone down up at school and see what they think of it. i wish there was a website on the letter, but only a phone number. it's weird, i think.

i'm sick today. like serious can't breathe, head feels like it's gonna fall off, ears ringing, sore throat, no sleep sickness. i think i slept a total of 10 hours in the past 3 days. hence, when i woke this morning once again feeling like shit i called in sick. i feel bad about it, but i know i shouldn't. it's not like i'm an integral part of the whole financial aid dream. oh, i forget what it was like to breathe fully. it makes me sad. i need more sleep.

new camera

so after getting a paycheck for workin 60 hours in 2 weeks like 4 weeks ago (stupid payroll system)...i went out and wasted like $215 bucks buying a digital camera and some cool new accessories for it. dudes, i swear, the batteries and case and memory card cost almost as much as the stupid camera. alas, i have named my new technological wonder. much like my laptop (herbert...herbie for short) or my ipod (Harold Jr...hal for short...and jr cause my first one died...grrr)...and now my new camera, appropriate titled greg. i just couldn't resist. and i've since named my sister's camera, nicky. at least i enjoy myself.

p.s. it frightens me that i may have gotten to the point where i have seen every episode of csi...especially considering i only really started watching towards the end of this current season.

Archiving purposes once again...

so, i wrote this back in december...new year's eve to be exact. and for some reason, i never got around for putting it up here. it was my very first n/g fic, so i definetly wanted it here.

Title: The Thing
Status: Complete
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Greg receives a special anniversary present from Nick.
Spoilers: Slight for Play With Fire
Disclaimer: I don’t own these boys…what a pity

The ThingCollapse )


New Nick/Greg Fic

so, i've decided to post my entire n/g story here...just b/c i can. oh well...really for archiving purposes...

Title: The Texas Roadhouse
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nick takes Greg out for his birthday, but it doesn’t go as Greg would have hoped.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. But if you sue me, you can gladly inherit the debt from my student loans.
A/N: This was inspired by a recent visit to the aforementioned location. If you haven’t been there, hopefully my description will be enough to explain why I immediately thought of our boys ;)

Much thanks to my beta, godgaleshot

“Oh no, the door was just the beginning of what Greg referred to as the “Texas House of Horrors.”Collapse )